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We are a full-service, AAHA-accredited veterinary hospital for cats, dogs, and other household pets located in beautiful Wooster, Ohio. For over 50 years, Cleveland Road Animal Hospital has been the premier veterinary care provider for the Wooster community and surrounding Wayne County. Today, we are proud to offer the most modern, thorough, and cost-effective care possible to our patients while giving our clients the personalized, family friendly service they deserve.

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★★★★★ A few weeks ago my wife and I were in Ohio visiting family and our dog was attacked. We got our dog to Dr. Igor and her team at the Cleveland Road Animal Hospital. They were able to take our dog in right away and got her patched up. The staff treated us with compassion and were very thorough with their care. I am very grateful to all of you for getting our dog healthy again. This place is a class act and I highly recommend them.ltmmwd2873ltmmwd2873 ★★★★★ Thank you so much for helping my kitty with his teeth and also for you amazing after hours attendant Trish. She was incredibly helpful and compassionate.Kailee W.Kailee W. ★★★★★ We boarded our 2 puppies for a week. They were totally taken care of and loved while we were on vacation! They sent us pictures and videos through out the week too!!daves P.daves P. ★★★★★ My 11 week old puppy was diagnosed with Parvo and she was not doing well. I rushed her to Cleveland Road Animal Hospital and they immediately got her in for treatment. She was in the hospital overnight and improved greatly. She was released the next evening and has been home and doing well. I can't thank them enough. She's back to her playful self although she's still sick. The staff and doctors at CRAH are wonderful and I can't thank them enough!Jennifer “Cookie” M.Jennifer “Cookie” M. ★★★★★ The doctors are amazing and compassionate! They answer the questions and don’t rush you.I had to put my frenchie down last year and I couldn’t have had a more compassionate supportive experience.Now I have a doodle and Ms. Olivia in grooming is amazing with my new baby.Highly recommend this place💕🐾BethAnne B.BethAnne B. ★★★★★ They were soooo understanding and compassionate during the worst possible situation, the death of my beloved Baxter.Jacquie G.Jacquie G. ★★★★★ Last night we had to put our senior cat down suddenly right when they were closing and they stayed open to take us in. They didn’t rush us at any point during the process, they were so accommodating and compassionate. It’s never easy saying goodbye to a pet but they made the process as painless as possible. Thank you Cleveland Road Animal HospitalJackie M.Jackie M. ★★★★★ No one wants to spend the evening at the vets with a sick animal, but there is no other place I would rather be than Cleveland Road Animal Hospital when one of our animals is sick. Everyone there, from the tech who called to ask how our kitty was to the Vet Dr. Caite Wiacek were the best. Caring, kind, respectful and truly cared about our animals and us. I can not recommend them enough!Jayme R.Jayme R. ★★★★★ The staff here is absolutely amazing, everyone that helped us was kind, caring, and compassionate from start to finish. Our dog ended up needing emergency surgery and we were on a very strict budget with no alternative options. The staff was very understanding and worked with us to come up with a plan that we could afford in our budget. Thanks to them we were able to get the surgery for our dog, they saved her life and we are forever grateful for everything they did for us. We can't thank them enough for what they did for us and our dog. We appreciate every single staff member and doctor for everything you did for us this weekend!Michelle DMichelle D ★★★★★ We have been trusting Cleveland Road Animal Hospital with the care of our beloved pets for several years now. They are always kind from the moment you walk in the door. Recently we had quite the scare with one of our youngest and smallest pups. Cash had to spend several days in their hospital. From the start with Jo getting her seen immediately with the most professional yet understanding. Then speaking with Dr. Stephanie Bailey who not only provided excellent care for Cash. She also explained Cash’s condition, treatment plan and reassured us she would receive the best, quality care possible. She did this at an appropriate level of our understanding as pet owners. I would also like to thank Joshua and Felicia for providing updates and not hesitating to answer all my questions. Most importantly for caring for our girl as if she was yours. Knowing she was in the care of true professionals that were constantly looking out for her health and wellbeing made the ordeal way less stressful. Ultimately,, I hope I didn’t miss anyone that had direct care or even just said hi to our little Cash.. thank you to the entire staff. ❤️Jennifer Y.Jennifer Y. ★★★★★ Thank you so much for taking care of my kitty, Azrella! Kaitlynn, Cathee, and Doctor Denise Igoe were excellent! Incredibly informative, kind, and patient. Thank you all so much again for our late visit and making sure my kitty is back on the road for full recovery ❤️❤️Nik S.Nik S. ★★★★★ As a former employee here I know the ins and outs of the clinic. I can tell you with my whole heart you can trust these people with your fur babies. I have seen the tears they have shed with you for the loss of your pets and the happy visits with clients who have a new puppy or kitten. Their number one goal really is the best care for your pets. Thank goodness for the urgent care department as well!Jennifer F.Jennifer F. ★★★★★ I highly recommend taking your animals here! They were kind and super caring.KariJean H.KariJean H. ★★★★★ This place is phenomenal! Our cat Luna has been experiencing rectal prolapses. Our original vet had been saying that they are due to her straining from a UTI. Luna then had another rectal prolapse and our original vet said that she didn’t specialize in the surgery needed for those and had told us of a few veterinary hospitals. My husband and I decided to drive an hour away to this animal hospital and I will say that the staff here really do care about your pets and their health. After Cleveland Road had put Luna’s rectum back in place they took it upon themselves to figure out why she was straining and come to find out Luna has bladder stones and they will need to be removed surgically. I appreciate everything Cleveland Road animal Hospital has done for my sweet Luna and I’m super glad they took the extra steps to figure out why this kept happening instead of just assuming that it was a UTI. Thank you to those who work here who love our animals like they are their own. You guys are greatly appreciated. 🙂AshleyAshley ★★★★★ Only the best of the best care for my pets that are family! All the staff is so caring and supportive.Cathee A.Cathee A. ★★★★★ Thanks for getting Roo fixed up. We came as a new patient, on a Saturday, with an emergency. It was a stressful day, but ended well with our girl taken care of.MM ★★★★★ We took our greyhound in for emergency care. The staff was wonderful; they were extremely helpful from the moment we arrived and they got her out of the car until we left. The doctor and assistant did a thorough exam, answered all of our questions and made sure we understood the instructions for home. Thanks to all of the staff for their generous care.Beverly W.Beverly W. ★★★★★ The staff was very friendly and put our minds at ease. I’m glad we came here!Abby S.Abby S. ★★★★★ Great animal clinic highly recommend. We have taken Sparky to Cleveland Rd Animal Clinic since we adopted our Cavapoo. Everyone is so friendly, caring, and love our boy, like he was their baby boy. It's so wonderful walking in and Everyone knows who Sparky is. He loves going and tries to act shy around Rachel for his spa days. Sparky is our 4 legged boy, so he deserves great care like our children and grandchildren receive.Claudia U.Claudia U. ★★★★★ We had to unfortunately take in our dog and ended up having to put her down.They were hands down amazing.The whole process. 10/10Phylicia E.Phylicia E. ★★★★★ The care here has been nothing less than top notch all the way!! Can it be costly?? YES. But!! We have gotten more results and faster than any other vet!! Plus, the staff here have been beyond patient with my pup and handling his extreme anxiety. They have not even said the words muzzle or sedate!! A big thank you to Cleveland Road Animal Hospital staff and vets!!Leah C.Leah C. ★★★★★ Excellent place. Efficient, courteous and knowledgeable. They treated my very well. He is back up and running around.Sandra K.Sandra K. ★★★★★ Thank goodness for the absolutely amazing doctor and staff this past Sunday, what do you do when a loved one takes a turn for the worse on a weekend? She was shutting down and starting to suffer. We called and told them our situation, and even though Cookie wasn’t a patient of theirs they told us to bring her to them asap. They showed all of us such incredible compassion and made her last few moments with us special. We will see her again someday, thank you all so very much. The BishopsREGGIE B.REGGIE B. ★★★★★ Yesterday, I took my sweet dog in to be checked out. Despite endless vet visits and efforts for care, he needed to be seen yesterday. In the haze of the day, I neglected to remember the names of any of the members of the team who cared for us. But, from the beginning, the girl at the front desk was so kind and accommodating. She heard me, talked through my sweet dogs illness with me, chatted with us while we were waiting to be seen. She came through and checked on us even once we were in the room. I do remember Logan, she was the first to check out Bentley. She was kind and listened to everything I had to say and was so so gentle and sweet when checking out my pup. The vet knew exactly what tests to run to figure out what was going on. She was straightforward and honest with me. I was grateful that I didn’t have to advocate for him this time, that I could trust that the vet knew what to do without my suggestions. The next girl that came in to ask me how I wanted to proceeded, sat with me while I cried and talked through my decision with me, showing so much understanding and grace with her words. I appreciate that the staff here was both honest with me about the situation while showing such gentle kindness and care towards me and my dog. They cared enough for him to make sure I knew the weight of the situation he was in. They gave us so much time while we waited for our family to arrive and held us with so much grace. I was so grateful to be shown so much love and care from an entire group of women that we had never met before. If you take your pet to Cleveland Rd Animal Hospital, you will be met with honesty and a multitude of support. Thank you to the staff who was working yesterday for being so kind and gracious. Special thanks to the girl at the front desk and the girl who sat with me while I made my decision and brought my little love to me.Rachel B.Rachel B. ★★★★★ Recently had to take my pug (my baby,) to cleveland road animal hospital, she was very sick and I had no idea, I was devastated to find out she had kidney disease, she was hospitalized, I know everyone did everything they could for her but her little body was not responding and I had to put her down. Everyone was so kind and compassionate, and helped me figure out finances. We are blessed to have such good vet care.Rhonda M.Rhonda M. ★★★★★ The staff here are so companionate. They really do care for you and your fur baby. They took very good care of our Spooky and explained everything to usMary WMary W ★★★★★ This has been our vet for years. They take great care of our kitties.Beverly T.Beverly T. ★★★★★ Got my dog in immediately today! My own vet couldn't do that. Excellent customer service and care! Will definitely return!Sherri O.Sherri O. ★★★★★ I took my little kitten star to see them.and they were very friendly and compassion and came out and talk to you regularly. On how star was doing. But sadly I had to put him down and they were so sympathy and nice. The vet even sent us a sympathy card .and that ment alot to us! Thank you!tami B.tami B. ★★★★★ Real friendly they do everything you askRandy M.Randy M. ★★★★★ Pretty nice people. Doctor was very personable as she sat on the floor at the dog's height. That was a very nice interaction.Rivendell E.Rivendell E. ★★★★★ Wonderful people! They helped me with a very sick kitten .Angela L.Angela L. ★★★★★ I came in during emergency hours. The staff took my cat back sooner then I expected. I was worried about her. But it turned into a much bigger problem and she ended up needing put down. They were very compassionate during such a hard time.Rita M.Rita M. ★★★★★ Everyone that works here is terrific. They love the animals and work to keep your kid(s) healthy and do what's best for u as if u were one of their family.Bill M.Bill M. ★★★★★ Loved Dr TravisBarb S.Barb S. ★★★★★ Everyone is amazing from the receptionist to the doctors just a great experience they're helpful and informative they make my feline comfortable they put me at ease and answered all of my questionsElisia L.Elisia L. ★★★★★ What a great place helped us out on are car tonight had to put her down. They let us be with her till the end and helped us out thank you guys so much we really appreciate itChristian B.Christian B. ★★★★★ Unfortunately I couldn't afford to get the treatment they recommended for my best friend ! He had such an awful skin condition and was suffering a lot . So they were so awesome and they care so much about the animals! That they made arrangements to let me buy the meds elsewhere and they did everything else they could! Awesome Vet clinic! I recommend anyone who loves there pets to take them here! 100% guaranteed great people!Robert V.Robert V. ★★★★★ polite, clean and fastLisa M.Lisa M. ★★★★★ Thank you guys for your compassion and sympathy regarding helping my cat pass away. Wish I could’ve experienced your service under better circumstances.Jesse S.Jesse S. ★★★★★ I recently had to say goodbye to my baby boy. He lived 18 wonderful years with my love and the amazing care he received at CRAHThe compassionate staff cried right alo g with me. I am forever grateful 🙏 They are my heroes ❤️Kathleen J.Kathleen J. ★★★★★ Very sweet staff. I was impressed with the atmosphere, the staff and the cost. For what we had done, I felt it was very reasonable! Would definitely come back if needed. Thank you ladies for taking such good care of my Chloe.Gloria M.Gloria M. ★★★★★ Great peopleJen H.Jen H. ★★★★★ Very good place with great hours and my friend drove an hour with her Cat just to have surgery done here.VANESSA H.VANESSA H. ★★★★★ Just moving from Florida they took are Labrador Bruin in right away and took care of her a awesome hospital and we cannot say thank you enough for the care you gave Bruin.CC ★★★★★ Very nice staff and facility,clean and friendlyLaurie T.Laurie T. ★★★★★ Wwe have been coming here for a few months for our great Dane, everyone is extremely helpful and friendly and very attentive to needs and tips as well they take pet insurance and care creditShane J.Shane J. ★★★★★ I called Cleveland Rd Animal Hospital because I could not get into my regular vet. I have a very…spicy senior ShihTzu and am very cautious where I take him to receive care for everyone’s safety. He is a very special case with a lot of reservations to say the least. This clinic was supportive and reassuring from the initial phone call and on through our visit. They handled my main man with the most professional and gentle care possible. This hospital did things my regular vet has unable to (due to my dog’s behavior). They took their time with us and listened to all my concerns and came up with a plan to help my guy through his issues. We received a little peace of mind and a lot TLC from Cleveland Rd Animal Hospital. Pricing was fair and the care was top knotch! Thanks Cleveland Rd, we look forward to our next appointment!Lindsey B.Lindsey B. ★★★★★ Cleveland Road has consistently gone above and beyond for our pets. We have a medically complex dog, and they have not hesitated to make sure we got the referrals and medications he needed, even when those referrals were to other providers. They even organized his medication orders to a cheaper, online option! They also have an on-call, after-hours technician who helped us with some post-surgery questions late at night. THANK YOU Cleveland Road, for always making us and our pets comfortable with their care!Melissa M.Melissa M. ★★★★★ Best place everRyan A.Ryan A. ★★★★★ If my dogs could talk!! They have certain collars they wear when going to the pet hotel. When we get those collars out, they get so excited!! Upon arrival, the girls yell, "the boys are here"...they are played with, loved on and very well taken care of!!Duper P.Duper P. ★★★★★ I had a cat emergency on a Saturday, thankfully they were open! The staff was great they presented a affordable option for the care I needed for my cat, it's never easy these days with fixed incomes, I was so glad my lil guy got the treatment he needed! Thanks to everyone!Dee F.Dee F. ★★★★★ My dog was super finicky about us cutting his fur and it grew unmanageable for us, I brought him here and they were so kind and helpful in getting him all better! I love it here and will be back with him again! 🙂Alexandra P.Alexandra P. ★★★★☆ They read a chip on a stray I found at no cost, however they are very pricy for regular services.Julie C.Julie C.js_loader


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Truly an amazing staff here. Thank you for being absolutely wonderful from the time we walk into the time we walked out. 

Shaelynn Marcum

Such a great experience. The staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. And the facility is so clean and spacious. Nicest vet clinic I’ve ever seen 

Katie Kirven

Our regular Vet couldn’t get our St Bernard in for an emergency because they were overbooked and short staffed They recommended Cleveland Rd Animal Hospital . I called , told them what I thought she had and they got us in right away (even though we had never been there before) . They confirmed what we thought was wrong and did an emergency surgery that day (which saved her life) ! Now Kota is resting at home and doing very well . Everyone that we dealt with was amazing , from the receptionist to the vet tech , to the Vet ! They called giving us updates throughout the day and called this morning to check and make sure Kota was doing OK. I don’t generally do reviews but they have earned it ! Thank you so much to Everyone at Cleveland Rd Animal Hospital , you folks are great !! 

Chad Brinker

Because you’re all so wonderful, so kind, and thoughtful too — it wouldn’t to miss this chance to send warm thanks to you.

Lee, Diane, Brian and Travis Crider

I am writing you this letter as a thank you from my family for the love and care you showed in December for our little Tuffy Joseph.

Jaime, George, Hunter & Kory

“My pets and I are always treated with professionalism and respect, from the office staff to the vet techs to the doctors. They always take adequate time to answer all of my questions and to clarify anything that is unclear.”

Nancy Ditmer