Our hospital uses the highest level of sterility to make sure secondary infections do not occur post surgically. We use sterile surgical gowns, gloves, caps and masks to maintain sterility in the surgical suite. We use a new surgical pack for each surgery. After the surgery concludes we will update you on you pet’s condition and will thoroughly go over aftercare instructions with you when you pick him/her up.

We strongly believe in the comfort of your pet, and pain medication is never "optional upgrade" with our surgeries.  All of our surgeries receive the proper pain medications during and after surgery. Whether it is injectable medication pre and post-operatively, oral pain medications you give at home afterwards, or often times both, every animal that undergoes a surgical procedure at CRAH will get the appropriate pain relief.


At Cleveland Road Animal Hospital your pet’s safety is of the utmost importance. That is why we use the safest anesthetics available to ensure your pet’s surgery or procedure goes smoothly. Almost all of our surgeries and procedures receive inhalant anesthesia, i.e. they breathe the anesthetic through an endotracheal tube that is placed in the trachea, or wind pipe. In addition all of our surgeries are monitored with an ECG (monitoring heart rate and rhythm), pulse oximetry (measuring the percent of oxygen saturation in the blood), blood pressure and temperature. These techniques give our doctors information they can use to monitor your pet’s vital signs under anesthesia. We also offer preanesthetic blood chemistry analysis before placing your animal under anesthesia. This information is used to make sure your pet’s organ systems, liver and kidneys to name a couple, can handle anesthesia. If your pet is at an increased risk and the procedure is necessary, we can formulate an anesthetic protocol suited for him/her. We use the newest technology in thermal regulation. This means while your pet is under anesthesia his/her temperature will be maintained and hypothermia is not a problem. Your pet wakes up quickly from anesthesia and is ready to go home!


Cryosurgery is now being offered at Cleveland Road Animal Hospital for removal of most skin masses. With cryosurgery, your pet will experience less pain and discomfort than with traditional surgery.  Many pets that are unable to go under anesthesia now have the option for this procedure, making it safer and more cost-effective for the removal of most skin masses.  Schedule an apointment to see if cryosurgery is right for your pet.