Grooming Services

The Pet Hotel in Wooster, Ohio offers luxury dog grooming and cat grooming services. Our groomer, Diane will consult personally with every pet owner prior to grooming to ensure each guest receives a personalized spa package. She focuses on the specific needs of each pet to help ensure all of our guests have the most relaxing and stress-free experience possible.

Regardless of size, breed or style, we attend to every pet’s needs from a simple bath and brush to full, glamorous grooming complete with massage, nail painting or feather extensions!

All of the grooming packages at The Pet Hotel include our relaxing Hydrosurge bathing system, complete with a bathing plan individualized by our groomer for each guest. Each pet receives a personalized fusion of elegant shampoos and conditioners to meet specific skin and coat needs. Every guest goes home with a bandana or bow in addition to a spritz of pet perfume or cologne!

Choose from the following Grooming Packages:

The Basic – Pets receiving our Basic package will be thoroughly bathed in our Hydrosurge tub and hand-dried. This package is great for pets who just need a simple freshen-up, as well as those who need frequent bathing due to allergies or maintenance in between full grooms.

The Essential – This package is similar to our Basic package, as it features Hydrosurge bathing and hand drying for each pet, but also includes a little indulgence. The Essential package contains a thorough nail trim with dremmeling to take the rough edges off of each nail.

The Deluxe – Each spa guest receiving the Deluxe package will enjoy a soothing Hydrosurge bath, hand drying and a haircut or trim based on the owner’s wishes. Our groomer is up-to-date on all the latest popular breed styling, making each of our guests the best-looking pet on the block! This package also includes nail trim with dremmeling.

The Glamour – The Glamour package includes Hydrosurge bathing, hand-drying, nail trimming and dremmeling and hair styling. However with this package, pet owners can also choose an A-La-Carte item from the following options:

  • Blueberry Facial
  • Nail Painting
  • Ten Minute Massage
  • Teeth Brushing

Chic Shed-Less Treatment – This package is for our extra-furry guests and helps reduce excessive shedding after just one treatment! We use special de-shedding shampoos and products in addition to blowing out excess fur with our forced-air dryer. This groom is completed using special brushing techniques to remove any excess undercoat.

The Essences Deskunking Treatment – Including a specialized de-skunking process, this package contains a specific enzyme-based shampoo and spray to help eliminate skunk oil from those pets unlucky enough to need it.  Please note although our deskunking process is highly effective there is not any one process that is 100% effective at removing skunk odor.

Puppy’s First Groom – Our groomer takes her time with each and every spa guest and will do the same with our puppy guests as they may be a slight bit more anxious about their first grooming experience. Each puppy receives a soothing bath, quiet blow-dry, nail trim and coat trimming to the owner’s specifications. Each puppy also receives a Certificate of Completion which includes a picture of the puppy freshly-groomed and content!


Lead Groomer