Pet insurance. It's one of those things that you hear about but never really investigate. Here's one story that may make you want to check it out!

Oatmeal is a one year old cat that was a stray until he was adopted by one of our clients. As is the case with many strays, Oatmeal actually adopted our client, Jill and she was nice enough to play along. She brought her kitty to Cleveland Road for a checkup and vaccinations as soon as possible. Now, Jill previously had two dogs with many medical issues, which were covered by her pet medical insurance, so she decided to play on the safe side and purchase health insurance for Oatmeal, as well.

She’s probably jumping for joy at that decision now! Oatmeal decided that he was in need of a feast about two days before we saw him for the second time. He came in to see the doctor because Jill thought he was injured; he had been walking funny at the time. Dr. Bailey felt Oatmeal’s abdomen and realized that something was definitely not right with this cat. Dr. Bailey decided that an x-ray would tell her more, and what she found was outrageous! Oatmeal’s stomach was distended with a large amount of foreign material. He had eaten so much and so fast that his stomach couldn’t empty itself correctly.

Oatmeal ended up with an abdominal exploratory surgery which took about two hours, and a trip to the 24-hour emergency referral hospital for observation overnight. Oatmeal’s pet insurance covered almost all of the costs for his early Thanksgiving feast. Jill recently wrote that Oatmeal’s total bills would have been around $1700, and after being reimbursed, she ended up only paying a $50 deductible! These kinds of events happen more frequently that you might think. Having pet insurance is a great way to help pay for your furry friends’ accidents, illnesses or emergencies.

Here are some good sites to visit if you’re interested in pet insurance!

Pet Insurance Review
Read thousands of customer reviews of all the North American pet insurance companies. Companies receive customer-service scores out of 10, based on reviews.

Pet Insurance University
Veterinarian Frances Wilkerson writes a guide to pet insurance with detailed fact sheets on every North American pet insurance company.

Your Pet Insurance Guide
Veterinarian Dr. Doug Kenney’s take on pet insurance, including his pet insurance guide. Dr. Kenney has been researching pet insurance for several years and is quite knowledgeable on the topic.


One family recently had their dog, Chloe, in for a routine dental at Cleveland Road Animal Hospital. They decided that, even though Chloe was 9 years old, it may be beneficial, at some point, to have her microchipped…just in case. They were definitely correct! As it turns out, Miss Chloe decided to make a run for it recently when her owners were out of town. When she was finally apprehended, the neighbor who had found Chloe saw that she had a microchip tag on her collar. The neighbor called HomeAgain and gave the microchip ID to the operator who, in turn, contacted Chloe’s owners. The HomeAgain company keeps all phone numbers and addresses on file in case of emergency, so even if you’re out of town, you will always be within reach. In the event the collar falls off or is missing, the actual microchip placed under your pets skin can be read by a scanner that virtually every vet, animal control officer, and humane society in the country uses to identify stray animals. You can update your information online, so it’s extra-easy to change phone numbers, addresses and the like!

At Cleveland Road, when you purchase a Home Again Microchip, you receive your first year of registration FREE!

We love to hear your success stories, so if you have one of your own, let us know!


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