Baileys, Of Cleveland Road Animal Hospital In Wooster, Grew Up Around Animals … And Each Other

Both Chad and Stephanie Bailey will tell you if asked, they never planned to own a veterinary clinic together in Wooster. But, since they were small children their lives were intertwined.

“Our families knew each other even though we lived in different counties,” Stephanie said. “They would always pick us up and drop us off to do different things together. … He always had a crush on me.”

“What she always says is she called me by mistake … she would tell people she called the wrong Chad,” Chad joked.

The two grew up and met while participating in 4-H and eventually went on to purchase (and now expand) the Cleveland Road Animal Hospital, where they are known as Dr. Chad and Dr. Steph to their patients.

“Stephanie wanted to be near her family. I didn’t really care where we ended up … but it is definitely very nice to be back home,” Chad added.

Chad’s family hailed from a beef cattle farm in Mantua; Stephanie is from Tallmadge and raised hogs, lambs, steers and turkeys.

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